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Indicadores Electrónicos

Simple Weighing Indicator Model CI-2001

Weighing Indicator with an extremely small package size.
Front panel keys for ZERO, TARE, GROSS/NET, kg/lb, PRINT (ENTER).
Full duplex RS232 serial port. ABS & Stainless Steel enclosure.
Stainless Steel swivel stand. 120 VAC adapter is included.

  • Compact & Simple indicator
  • Power: AC adapter (6V- 12V)
  • Single pass automatic span calibration
  • RFI / EMI screened / Watch - dog Function
  • Wall / Panel mounting type
  • kg / lb Switch
  • Gross / Net / Tare
  • NTEP Approval number: 98 - 103
  • All products listed in the "Options" table are at no charge when you purchase the CI-2001 Indicator.
    However, you will be charged for shipping & handling.
    To order products listed within the Options table please contact us.
  • The Eproms in the Options table will comply with Canadian Weights & Measures.
    The push button ZERO will only work when less than 4% of capacity.

Weight Indicator Model 250

The 250 indicator has selectable weighing units lb, kg, g, t. Non volatile time and date clock. Liquid crystal display with LED backlight. AC or battery operation. Panel, column or desktop mounting. Two set point outputs. Sigma Delta A/D converter. Can be configured with the keypad or thru the RS232 port or through IR link with GSE View PC software. A function key can be configured to select units, hold a weight reading, display an absolute peak weight, count parts or use live weight to stabilize a moving mass such as livestock. To eliminate errors any or all keys can be disabled. Operates with AC adapter or (4) AA batteries with 38 hours life.

NTEP 05-119A2 III/IIIL 10,000 div

Indicador Electronico Digital DP10 Con Impresor Incorporado

Rango de Zero configurable (manual y automatico)

Funcion de Administracion de contraseñas y apagado automatico

Configuracion de Impresion de Reporte

Espacio en memoria para 1500 Id de Vehiculos, peso neto, Clientes, etc.

Proteccion de datos en caso de Apagado accidental

Direccion de comunicacion configurable para manejo de celdas digitales.

Puerto Serial RS232 para conexion con Pc.

Impresor EPSON incorporado

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